-The drawer sides and fronts are held
together with hand-cut dovetails.  This is a
method that has proven itself for centuries.
-When complete, all
furniture is branded and
dated.  Hand-carvings are
done upon request.
-Every finish is hand-rubbed, producing a warm sheen.
-All of the furniture's casework is held together
using traditional, old-world joinery. The mortise
and tenon joint is an example shown here.
-Another time-tested method of joinery, the pegged bridal joint,
is used on the doors.  As shown to the left, the bottom piece
runs through the side piece and they are locked together with a
wooden peg.
-Each piece of lumber is hand-selected.
-Solid tongue and groove boards are used for backing.
-Fuming is an option if the desired look is darker than that of the natural
wood.  During the fuming process, ammonia fumes react with the wood's
tannic acid and naturally age it, creating a deep, rich brown color.   This
is the same process used over 100 years ago on much of the American
Arts and Crafts furniture.
J.B.Taylor Fine Furniture is a one man
custom woodworking shop located in
central Illinois.  He focuses on building
heirloom quality furniture in the
Craftsman, and Shaker traditions.
EST. 2004